Developer Update - March 2019


Dwayne Douglass here. I know it's been a long time since the last update. A lot has happened but first and foremost we want to say that we are indeed still in development on Killing, My Friend. This last year or so has been a long tough road. We've scaled down the team actively working on KMF to three of us and it's by necessity become a bit of a weekend project for the three of us to some extent. This is a big, ambitious project with a lot of moving parts. And the scope of the project is not small so our progress has been slow. But slow as it has been, we have continued to progress. But since much of the progress hasn't been flashy, and instead more 'under-the-hood' we haven't had a lot to show for it. But now we are closing in on the point where we can share or work and put it in your hands to test and break and have fun with. So to aid in that you will see more regular updates from us from now on as we close in on early access.

And with that, I want to offer a heartfelt thank you for everybody who has kept up with us until this point and invite you to follow us into the future.

Thank you, Dwayne

And without further ado I'll pass things along to Carlos to update you on what exactly has kept us busy all this time:

There has been quite a nice amount of progress towards getting to early access. The following will be a list of the major improvements which we shall do an in-depth dive into each down the line.

UI Rework * Seamless keyboard/mouse and controller support * Redesigned UI for in-game menus

AI Enhancements * AI behavior trees improved and overall AI is working properly * AI animations are currently being tested

Ongoing optimizations * Blueprint and code cleanup along with refactoring and bringing in better game performance * Optimized AI performance to improve game performance with FPS / frametime

The above is just some of the things we've worked on and currently, we've split our focus into two parts which I will go deeper in an upcoming post. Player controller and Multiplayer are the two areas of focus, getting both to optimal levels for a beta is essential and progress has been going quite well in these two fronts.

We have stated this before and addressed it earlier in this post however, we will be doing the most to bring two updates a month. These updates will either be a blog similar to this or a developer blog/story that focuses more on specific systems/features that team member is working on.

We also want our community to join us on discord where you will be able to interact with us and ask questions or just chat with other players who are also awaiting a beta. Also, we ask that you apply to the newsletter which is on the sidebar on this page above the social icons or in the contact us page, you'll receive a notification when there is a new post and who knows maybe we'll be sending out some secret emails, wonder what they could contain ;>

Discord -> KMF Discord Server Contact Us -> Click here and sign up for the newsletter

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