Developer Update - April 22, 2018


We have not been as active to the community on our progress with Killing, My Friend as we would like. We will now be doing blog updates twice a month at the least. So lets begin with the way we will be keeping the community in tune with our progress and so to start that off, we now have an official discord server and subreddit for the game. To access these, check the end of this post or click the proper icon on the side of this page. We believe these two places, along with this developer blog, will demonstrate our commitment with the community.

The team has been hard at work focusing on the roadblocks to getting the game to Early Access on Steam. Adding multiplayer to a game requires making sure every part of the game's features is synchronized properly. Jan has been very focused on getting this to work properly and efficiently. I am a new developer on board of this project and very excited to be here. I've been tasked with working on actual game features such as the AI, improving their behavior and taking care of any bugs in that region.

Besides status updates, there are a few ways to keep the community in tune with our development progress and we are considering having such a system in the near future.

Discord Server - KillingMyFriend Server

Subreddit - /r/KillingMyFriendGame

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