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New Posts
  • Cruza Complex
    Sep 10, 2017

    To the Dev: Sorry if this isn't the right place for this. It's a hodge-podge of my experience playtesting KMF in the best order and detail I can manage. I'd like to thank you for the Steam key and opportunity to do this. I hope this helps. Interface 1. Opening a menu of any kind kills the in-game music until progressing to a new mission. 2. Volume settings are not saved on game exit, which is odd considering loadout selections persist between game sessions. 3. There is no in-game option for mouse sensitivity. 4. There is a working FOV slider. Credit where it's due. 5. Mission objectives are not obvious. I can't tell if this is because objectives haven't been implemented yet, but whenever I run a mission, I'm never sure where I'm supposed to go or what I'm supposed to do beyond shooting enemies, which seems self-evident. If that *is* the goal, I feel that it should be made more clear that the objective is to get points by killing enemies in certain ways. Performance 1. My graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 7700) was not capable of running Killing, My Friend on anything higher than low settings across the board without severe, even single-digit, framerate issues. 2. Launching missions from the tutorial crashes the game. Gameplay 1. The controls feel like they have an inertia behind them. I'll move my mouse to where I want to aim, but my crosshair will keep moving after I've stopped. Controls also feel excessively slow to respond with at least a second's worth of perceived delay between me moving my mouse and the game responding, which I believe is a performance issue. Strange, given that my PC is capable of running most current releases on at least mid-high quality. 2. Several times when performing a stunt I would get stuck in the floor. 3. Knives thrown by enemies hit the floor and continue their thrown animation/sound indefinitely. 4. The aggro state of enemies isn't obvious, meaning stealth weapons feel underpowered or useless, especially given that most enemies seem to aggro immediately almost regardless of positioning or distance. I suggest making enemies' aggro states more obvious, possibly with "alert" standing animations or minimap icons. 5. The bandolier is insanely powerful compared to the alternative options. 6. Some secondary pistols feel like direct upgrades to each other because of increased power with other stats being identical. 7. I can always one-shot basic enemies with a pistol, which lessens the difference between them as they have the same effective power 90% of the time.
  • dwaynedouglass
    Sep 6, 2017

    First off, welcome! This is a very closed, invite-only pre-Alpha so you likely know one of the contributors to Killing, My Friend and we thank you for helping out. Killing, My Friend represents nearly 3 years of part time development of a very small team with the last year basically being a team of two working part time on it. And unlike the mods we've worked on in the past, every element pretty much had to be coded from scratch. (Which is why you can't climb ladders yet since we haven't coded that in yet.) We're in the process of polishing up what we have currently before moving on to add more features as laid out in our design doc. Which is where you come in. Specifically we're looking to test multiplayer elements as they have had the least exposure to testing by our small team. We'd also love feedback on game balance, weapon feel, etc. And we're certainly open to suggestions as well (although we'd really have weigh them against the full vision for the game so no promises.) A couple of quick tips on playing: -Make sure you select your weapon load-out and character model before you start a game. Eventually it'll allow random selection but as of now it doesn't like it if you don't select first. -Rehearsal jumps you right into a game solo. -Principle Photography loads you into the lobby where you can invite others to a game or find an existing one. It's also where the tutorial exists as of now so by all means start a game there and learn the ways of Killing, My Friend. -To bandage another player who's wounded press B when close to them. That's not in the tutorial... We plan on doing regular updates to the Steam build and we'll announce that here when we do. Known issues: -Some of the art is placeholder. For instance the player models will change drastically before release. Some of the props and animation are placeholder as well. Definitely note the stuff that bugs you but likely it's already on "THE LIST" -AI is rudimentary. It will continue to get more complex and "smart" until the day of release. This version is passable. -Cagoland map is the only fully optimized map. NYC and Take-Out will have occasional framerate issues. -You can get stuck if you reload, jump kick or switch weapons while the standing up animation plays after a dive and you are prone. Don't do it! It's already fixed in the next build. -The Bosses (Speical-Ops soldiers) will likely ignore you. This is also better in the next build. -Throwing knives can't be reloaded currently. You'll run out eventually! There's more but those are the most glaringly obvious we know about. And for a hint of what your experience should look like here's a video from this current build:
  • oddjob1138
    Feb 16, 2017