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The Story

Start your career in action movies as Hollywood's newest action star!  Pick your costumes, weapons and equipment and unlock more as you progress through your career by building fame and reaping its fortune.  Film epic action sequences in exotic locals against a seemingly never-ending stream of bad guys.  But watch out, your director likes to improvise on the set and may throw new challenges and goals to up the ante and make your scene the most over-the-top and over budget action sequence ever put to film.  If you survive to the end you just might reap the rewards...  


Killing, My Friend is a first-person co-op arcade shooter with the over-the-top movie realism and stunts of classic action movies. The game pits four action movie stars against hordes of extras, lieutenants, henchmen, and arch-nemesis on locations made up of cliché movie gunfight settings where players team up and battle it out alongside other players online or locally. With an emphasis on style, the players attempt to complete a variety of gameplay objectives and survive to the end. At the same time, they compete with their fellow action movie stars to get kills while performing stunts to quickly build their Fame.


Killing, My Friend's weapon design also follows the focus on the player’s personal style. Just like an action movie in which a director chooses the hero's weapon-based more on look or style rather than functionality, weapons in Killing, My Friend are treated like archetypes. The large roster of specific weapons seen in other FPS's, is replaced in Killing, My Friend with weapon Classes like Dual Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns, Shotguns or Assault Rifles, with the goal that whatever load-out the player chooses it will be balanced against any other set of choices. Leaving the player to figure out what loadout fits their gameplay style best instead of which weapon is best.

The weapon customizations are only cosmetic but offer a wide variety of choices of looks or weapon models to choose from to help enhance the player's personal style. More weapon model selections can also be unlocked through levelling up, enemy drops, and achievements or purchased with Fame from the in-game store.

In addition to player costumes and weapon models, Permanent Modifications can also be unlocked through levelling up, enemy drops and achievements. They apply stat changes to weapon classes and the player's character. Permanent Modifications give the players the ability to skew some stats and abilities to better fit their style at the cost of other stats or abilities. And Combo Weapon Mods are stat mods paired with a specific weapon models and animations to create weapon options that do not normally exist in Killing, My Friend. For example, a Combo Weapon Mod for the Magnum class could be unlocked that would change the normal Magnum five shots to a single more powerful shot with a high penalty to reload speed paired with weapon model of a Thompson Contender. Or a Throwing Knives Combo Weapon Mod that reduces the damage per each hit but the player now throws three at a time in a fan paired with a weapon model and animation for throwing stars. The options are incredibly varied and each one unique. But each newly applied mod destroys the currently slotted mod which means that the player has to choose carefully which to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will the Game Release??


We are tentatively planning an early 2019 release. However, early supporters will be able to play a Beta version around Summer 2018. Stay tuned for opportunities to become a supporter by JOINING OUR DISCORD, or following us on twitter @HardBoiledSoft.


I Love it!! When Can I give you my money!


Thank you! Stay tuned for upcoming details of our crowd-funding opportunities which will provide excellent rewards for our early supporters including helping us design some of the game elements. The best way to stay up to date is to JOIN OUR DISCORD, or follow our twitter @HardBoiledSoft.


Who is Killing, My Friend For?


Killing, My Friend is intended for gamers who appreciate a tough-but-fair challenge and want to experience a fun, unique co-op experience. The combination of innovative combat and player customization will breathe new life into a popular genre currently riddled with zombies and mutants.


On Which Platforms Will Killing, My Friend Release?


We are planning on releasing on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases with Mac and Linux to follow shortly after.  




In a word, yes. The plan is to release 4th quarter 2018 on Steam Early Access. We've already gone through Steam Greenlight and are setting our sights on a release later this year.    


How Much Will the Game Cost? Will it be Free-to-Play?


We are planning to use the traditional business model: buy once and play until your mouse breaks! We also plan to produce FREE DLC. We are not prepared to announce the price yet, but it will be similar to other high-quality indie games aimed at the core-gamer market.



Once we reach a point where the game is complete and we release the full game we have plans for future features including:

  • Traditional PVP including a retro Action Half-Life mode

  • Mod Support – So that you the fans can make Killing, My Friend your own!

  • Themed Movie Modes – Play Killing, My Friend as a Western or a Prohibition Era Gangster flick and more, including themed weapons, costumes and sets.

  • Level and Prestige system with a progressive career. 

  • Steam Workshop Support so players can add their own weapons and costumes to the game.  Heaven O’ Frags all over again!

  • Competitive Ranking System and leaderboard

And all of that, as of now, is planned as free DLC.   We don’t know the future so we don’t want to commit to any promises there won’t ever be paid DLC for anything other than cosmetic add-ons, but as of now we have no foreseeable plans to add any and the list above will all come to you free. 


Are there micro-transactions or pay-to-win mechanics?


In a word, no.  The majority of the unlockable content are cosmetic with a few special unlockables that add weapons or player mods.  But none are available through a microtransaction store.  We may add Steam Workshop in the future for user created content but that's it. 


Will there be Action Half-Life or Double Action Boogaloo style Multiplayer?


Yes. There will be multiplayer as FREE DLC after the initial release as we stated above. We are making a new game with new game mechanics, and some of the core gameplay of Action Half-Life and Double Action Boogaloo. AHL's core gameplay will be present, along with elements from DAB, in the co-op and multiplayer so Killing, My Friends will definitely be familiar to the fans of the original mods, but ultimately it's a brand new game. But included in that will be a mode that makes Killing, My Friend, as close to AHL as we can make it.


WILL Killing, MY Friend be moddable?


We are planning to add mod support to the extent that we can with Unreal Engine 4.  More details on this will be released as we get closer to release and learn more.  But yes, that's the plan!